Please join us to an exciting journey through 30 years of company history...


At Lucerne Headquarters the House of Chronoswiss will open its doors in summer 2014. 

On a walking round tour visitors have the opportunity to observe the watch makers at work and to experience a journey through the history of the brand and the watchmaking. In addition they gain impression of the Chronoswiss dial manufactory with its traditional handicrafts and arts. The brand experience at the House of Chronoswiss will be rounded off by an in-house boutique.   


Chronoswiss celebrates its thirtieth anniversary and creates a special gift for itself: a new limited edition of the Régulateur - the Régulateur 30.

For the first time in history, Chronoswiss presents a watch line characterized
by craftsmanship that is created exclusively in the brand’s own workshop in Lucerne. The Artist’s Collection are a tribute to the arts of enameling, skeletonization and guilloché. The rebirth of these historic and nearly forgotten arts is very close to Chronoswiss’ heart.


Chronoswiss is coming under new ownership. The Swiss entrepreneurial family Ebstein acquired the assets of Chronoswiss from founder Gerd-Rüdiger Lang. Oliver Ebstein will be the new CEO. Founder Gerd-Rüdiger Lang will continue to support the company also in the future.

3rd place for the „Kairos Lady“ at the jury´s and visitors´ choice of the Viennatime watch fair.


2nd place “Golden Balance/International Watch Award” by Uhrenmagazin, Ebner Publishers and Focus Online for the "Régulateur 24"; also 2nd place for the model "Grand Lunar Chronograph". Besides, Chronoswiss´ "Edition Zeitzeichen" was voted 5th place.

5th place "Watch of the Year" for "Sauterelle" by the readers of Armbanduhren special-interest magazine and Welt am Sonntag, also a 5th place for the model "Edition Zeitzeichen VII".

A 2nd place each for the "Opus" with DLC-coating and diamond bezel at the jury´s and visitors´ choice of the Munichtime watch fair.


After the tremendous success of the Chronoswiss Classics 2005 and 2007, this special "nautomotive" event for classic cars and boats enters its third round in September.


2nd place "Watch of the Year" by "Armbanduhren" and "Welt am Sonntag" for the "Imperia" (ladies´ watches).

3rd place "Golden Balance/International Watch Award" by "Uhrenmagazin", "Ebner Publishers" and "Focus Online" for the "Grand Régulateur".

3rd place for the "Répétition à Quarts"

4th place for the "Perpetual Calendar" und 5th place for the "Imperia".


1st place “Golden Balance/International Watch Award“ by Uhrenmagazin, Ebner Publishers and Focus Online for the “Chronoscope”.

5th place for the “Timemaster Day & Night“.


Debut of the "Grand Régulateur", "Timemaster Chronograph Date" and "Perpetual Calendar" at the watch and jewelry fair in Basel.

Diners Club Magazine confers its "Visionary of the Year" award on Gerd-R. Lang.

Move into Bavaria's first wristwatch factory in December.


The first Chronoswiss Classics takes place first time in September 2005 at Lake Starnberg.

Presentation of the "Digiteur" (limited edition) and "Perpetual Calendar" at the Jewelry and Watch Trade Show in Basel.

September 23, 2005, cornerstone was layed for the new production facility.


Presentation of the „Régulateur à Tourbillon Squelette“ at the Jewelry and Watch Trade Show in Basel,  the first skeleton and hand-engrave Tourbillon with regulator dial, limited edition in 200 pieces. Highlight and most precious model of the Chronoswiss collection.


Presentation of the "Répetition à Quarts" at the Jewelry and Watch Trade Show in Basel, that tells the time exactly to the 15 minutes by the push of the pusher via a striking mechanism.

Natalie Lang supports the Chronoswiss founder, Gerd-R. Lang, as Junior President, after completing her apprenticeship as a watchmaker in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

1st place „Watch of the Year 2003“ by „Armbanduhren” magazine for the "Chronoscope"  


Chronoswiss establishes a subsidiary in Switzerland. The Chronosa subsidiary located in Niedau close to Biel is responsible for production and logistics.


World premiere of the "Chronoscope" - the first automatic chronograph with Regulator-dial. An exclusive homage to the pioneers of the Chronograph.


Debut of the "Régulateur à Tourbillon", the first minute-repeater tourbillon with a regulator dial and a cantilevered tourbillon cage.

"Signs of the times - Tick-Talk: A Timely Book" is published in German as Chronoswiss' fourth catalogue.


World premiere of the "Pathos" - the first skeletonized, self-winding, split-second chronograph (Swiss patent number 682201-0).


Chronoswiss is the official timekeeper for the STW Cup (Super Touring Car Cup).


World premiere of the "Delphis" and its registration for a Swiss patent - the first wristwatch that combines a unique system of analogue, digital and retrograde time displays. 1st prize for Thomas Schnelle as the national- and federal winner of apprentices awarded by the Central Association of the German Watchmaker Craft.


World premiere of the "Opus" - the first serially produced, automatic, skeletonized chronograph. Launching of the "Lunar Chronograph".


Presentation of the "Grand Régulateur", (international patenting number 030021).


Presentation of the "Cabrio" reversible wristwatch (European patent number 0562522). Presentation of the first serially produced white enamel dials of recent years in the "Orea" model.


World premiere of the split-second chronograph "Rattrapante" (Swiss patent number 682201-0).

Author of the specialized book "Chronograph - Wristwatches, Lang/Meis".

The third catalogue ("Chronoswiss - Faszination der Mechanik") is published. It exclusively features the firm's own models.


World premiere of the "Kairos Chronograph" - the first automatic chronograph with off-center display of the hours and minutes.


World premiere of the "Régulateur Automatique" with its exclusive manufacture Chronoswiss C.122 movement. Beginning of the exclusive manufacture of the firm's own models in Munich.


The second catalogue features Chronoswiss' first own models - "Régulateur" and "Pacific".

First appearance at the worldwide trade fair for watches and jewelry in Basel.


World premiere of the "Régulateur" hand-wound wristwatch - the first serially manufactured wristwatch with a regulator-type dial. The typical Chronoswiss case is born. Its distinguishing characteristics include a screwed and channeled bezel, an onion-shaped crown and screwed strap lugs.


First Chronoswiss catalogue with mechanical wristwatches and pocket-watches produced in Switzerland. Distribution of the A. Rochat and Kelek brands. First appearance at Inhorgenta trade fair in Munich.


The name "Chronoswiss" is registered as a protected trademark.


Gerd-R. Lang founds Chronoswiss watch factory in Munich. Establishment of a worldwide distribution structure.


Introduction of the world's first mechanical chronograph with moon phase display and mineral crystal back under the "Chronoswiss" name. This presages the renaissance of mechanical timepieces.


Founds a special workshop for chronographs in Munich.


Attends the master school in Würzburg and graduates with the title of "Master Watchmaker".

Official timekeeper for "Swiss Timing" at the Olympic Games in Moscow.


Heuer stopwatch and chronograph factory in Biel, Switzerland.

Beginning in 1970

Collaborates on the filming of "Le Mans" with Steve McQueen. Official timekeeper at various Formula One races.


Gerd-R. Lang learns the watchmaker's metier at Jauns watch shop in his hometown of Braunschweig.

Studio Lucerne – Unique Handcrafted Charm
Régulateur 24: a special gift for the 25th anniversary
Wristwatch (hand-wound) with jumping hour, digital minute and digital hour.
„Chronoscope“ - the first automatic chronograph with Regulator-dial.
„Delphis“ - the first wristwatch that combines a unique system of analogue, digital and retrograde time displays.
1990: World premiere of the „Régulateur Automatique“ with its exclusive manufacture Chronoswiss C.122 movement.
The onion-style-crown: a chronoswiss signature feature.
Gerd-R. Lang founds 1983 Chronoswiss watch factory in Munich.