Limited Regulator Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Edition

Only 100 timepieces available

Chronoswiss is proud to present an exclusive cooperation with Alfa Romeo North America. To mark the launch of the dynamic new Alfa Romeo Giulia, a special edition timepiece has been created: the Regulator Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Edition will be manufactured only 100 times, featuring a sporty dial design and powerful use of form. Bearing the iconic Quadrifoglio badge, this wristwatch embodies the same attention to performance, style and craftsmanship as the legendary racing-class of Alfa Romeo it commemorates. Distinguished by the carbon fiber face, luxurious calfskin leather band and clover-leaf symbol, this limited edition timepiece will enhance the style of any true Alfisti.

In this exclusive special edition, the black-red colour theme characteristic of motorsports is consistently played upon. In addition to the carbon dial with its signal red accents, this contrast will also be evident in the strap: made from black perforated calfskin, it mirrors the characteristic design of classic rally gloves and also features bright red contrasting seams and inner lining. Details such as the guilloched interior of the display for hours and seconds, or the precisely aligned length of the hands create a fascinating overall appearance. Not least with its carefully selected combinations of colours and materials Chronoswiss has created an unconventional automatic watch that masters the balancing act between watchmaker tradition and timeless design.

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