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賢く時間を管理するレギュレーター REGULATE YOUR TIME


Sirius Flying Regulator Manufacture

Classic and yet completely different: the new Sirius Flying Regulator features a “flying” minute dial and sub-dials for hours and seconds, which stand out from the guilloche base. The high-quality, slightly curved sapphire crystal further draws attention to the dial’s three-dimensionality.

Alfa_Romeo_Quadrifoglio Edition

Regulator Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Edition

Limited to 100 timepieces

In order to mark the launch of the dynamic new Alfa Romeo Giulia, Chronoswiss is proud to present the Regulator Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Edition*. There will be only 100 watches of this special model.

Bearing the iconic Quadrifoglio badge, the exclusive timepiece embodies the same attention to performance, style and craftsmanship as the legendary racing-class of Alfa Romeo it commemorates.

* Manufactured under license of FCA Group Marketing S.p.A . “Alfa Romeo” is/ a trademark of FCA Group Marketing S.p.A. 



東京での会議、ロンドンでのビジネスランチ、または、シリコンバレーのピッチなど、ご出張中でも故郷の時間を知りたいものです。新しいタイムマスター GMT Chronoswiss スポーツラインの最も若いメンバーです。第 2 タイムゾーンの実用的な機能を堅牢なエクステリアと調和良く組み合わせました。

Limited Edition des Flying Regulator Night and Day als Sonderpreis gestiftet

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